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The packaging requirements of the contract. If you are unsure, send the entire contract

The approximate weight of each piece

The overall dimensions

The number of shipments

The quantity to be packaged

Information we need to once you have our quote:

The entire contract – including all modifications to the contract

If the contract requires source inspection, a proof of inspection must be sent with the parts. This is the proof that your government QAR inspected the parts. We can not begin packaging without this proof.

Contracts with inspection at destination do not require this proof.

A copy of your purchase order to us.

Once the parts are sent to Kost:

Your parts are checked and inspected for the proper paperwork.

The parts are then inspected for cleanliness and preservative requirements

Once cleaned and preserved (if required) the parts are packaged in accordance with the contract requirements.

The packaging is then inspected per MIL-STD-2073 and our requirements

If required, we then send a request for shipping instructions/GBL to the government transportation office in Syracuse

The paperwork is then completed (DDForm250) and checked for accuracy

If required our government QAR is called in to inspect the requirements of the contract

The contract is prepared for shipment, including distribution of the paperwork

The original DDForm250 along with the proof of shipment is sent to you

MIL-STD-2073 This government specification covers nearly every type of packaging possibly imaginable. Some form of this specification is required in most contracts.

MIL-STD-129 This is a government specification covering all the marking and labeling requirements needed for government packaging and usually requires bar-coded labels. More info

Source Inspection Means your product must pass inspection by a government QAR (quality assurance representative). The packaging must also be inspected by a QAR before shipment to the final destination may be made.

Destination Inspection - Your product must pass inspection by a government QAR at the final destination. A common mistake is to assume that inspection is not required.

GBL (government bill of lading) A GBL is used by the government when they pay for the freight (FOB – origin). A GBL is required when the total weight of the shipment, after packaging, exceeds 70 lbs. A GBL is not required when the FOB is destination, this means you (the prime contractor) pay the freight.

To obtain a GBL, a request must be sent to the Regional Government Transportation Office. (Syracuse is the office for the Northeast)

Want to avoid all the headaches ?

At Kost Packaging, we can handle the complete job, from the packaging and paperwork requirements, to the labeling and shipping. We can also interpret the other terms of your contract and advise you in the best ways to meet those terms.


We've included some information we hope will help. If you still need assistance regarding government packaging feel free to contact us  

Useful information when quoting on a government contract

All government orders require you to package your product per their requirements so it arrives safely at the final destination. Standard commercial packaging in government contracts still requires barcode labels and a WAWF Receiving Report

You can add packaging costs to your price, or as a separate line item in the contract. Have Kost Packaging give you a quote and avoid the entire hassle

Naming Kost as your packager in the contract allows for inspection of the packaging to be done at Kost. The parts could then be shipped directly to their final destination.

Kost does not need to be named as packager for inspection at destination contracts

Information on how to proceed after receiving a government order

These are requirements found in most government orders:

Specialized packaging per the requirements of the contract

Barcode labels – unit and shipping

DDForm250 – government paperwork

Government inspection

What the requirements actually mean

DDForm250 The form used by the government for just about everything from shipping to invoicing. Proper completion of this form is VERY important and may cause delay of payment. More info

Using Kost Packaging

If Kost Packaging is not listed on the contract as the place of packaging and inspection, you can easily obtain a contract mod to add Kost Packaging to the contract. This will enable the packaging to be inspected at our location for Origin Inspection contracts and send the parts directly to their destination. For Destination Inspection and Acceptance, Kost Packaging does not have to be listed in the contract since it will be inspected once it arrives at the destination.

Information we need to quote your job: