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Mil Spec Contract Packaging Labels

Quality Packaging Services Since 1972

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A word from our President about Quality

At Kost Packaging we pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality. Since 1972 we have been following the strict regulations and requirements of Department of Defense contracts. We use that same care and attention to detail in all the packaging jobs we do.
Our Quality Management System, initiated in March 2002 was reviewed by Dept of Defense specialists and determined to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

Sharp as a razor quality ! It makes a difference:

We had a 280,000 piece order consisting of multiple parts for each piece. They were back-to-school items for children. With the quality system we had in place, and the help of one of our outstanding workers, we were able to find a folder supplied from our customer which had a razor blade laminated within it. Thankfully the customer choose Kost Packaging and we were able to eliminate the potentially disastrous outcome that could have happened had that razor blade been found in a Walmart they were being shipped to, or even worse in a childs hands. What is that kind of quality worth to you ?